Many health authorities believe that illness begins in the colon. Every cell, every organ is affected by the condition of the colon. The best food, when it is not properly eliminated, is no better than the worst. A properly functioning colon leads to health, happiness and longevity.

This formula was developed in the high Siberian mountain of Altai. People have used this tea for thousands of years and have attained long life spans.


Coriander Seed
Stimulant, aromatic and carminative. The powdered fruit, fluid extract and oil are chiefly used medicinally as flavouring to disguise the taste of active purgatives and correct their griping tendencies. It is an ingredient of the following compound preparations of the Pharmacopceia: confection, syrup and tincture of senna, and tincture and syrup of Rhubarb, and enters also into compounds with angelica gentian, jalap, quassia and lavender. As a corrigent to senna, it is considered superior to other aromatics. If used too freely the seeds become narcotic. Coriander water was formerly much esteemed as a carminative for windy colic.

Yarrow Flowers
Diaphoretic, astringent, tonic, stimulant and mild aromatic. Yarrow Tea is a good remedy for severe colds, being most useful in the commencement of fevers, and in cases of obstructed perspiration. The infusion is made with 1 OZ. of dried herb to 1 pint of boiling water, drunk warm, in wineglassful doses. It may be sweetened with sugar, honey or treacle, adding a little Cayenne Pepper, and to each dose a teaspoonful of Composition Essence. It opens the pores freely and purifies the blood, and is recommended in the early stages of children's colds, and in measles and other eruptive diseases. A decoction of the whole plant is employed for bleeding piles, and is good for kidney disorders. It has the reputation also of being a preventative of baldness, if the head be washed with it.

Buckthorn Bark
Softens the stool, and thus, Buckthorn is used by people with anal fissures and hemorrhoids, and those who've recently undergone rectal surgery. It's also used as a cleansing agent prior to diagnostic exams. In folk medicine, it's used as a diuretic to flush excess water from the body. Buckthorn works by stimulating the colon. This action tends to reduce liquid absorption by moving food more quickly through the intestines.

Licorice Root
Helps improve adrenal function, stabilizes the blood sugar level, stimulates the production of cortisone, cleanses lungs, which is good for respiratory congestion. Decreases muscle or skeletal spasms.

Senna Leaves
Purgative. Its action being chiefly on the lower bowel, it is especially suitable in habitual costiveness. It increases the peristaltic movements of the colon by its local action upon the intestinal wall. Its active principle must pass out of the system in the secretions unaltered, for when Senna is taken by nurses, the suckling infant becomes purged. It acts neither as a sedative nor as a refrigerant, but has a slight, stimulating influence. In addition to the nauseating taste, it is apt to cause sickness, and griping pains, so that few can take it alone; but these characteristics can be overcome or removed, when it is well adapted for children, elderly persons, and delicate women. The colouring matter is absorbable, and twenty or thirty minutes after the ingestion of the drug it appears in the urine, and may be recognized by a red colour on the addition of ammonia.

Plantain Leaves (Plantago Major)
Aucuban, an active substance in Plantain leaf, is known to neutralize tobacco poisons. Plantain leaf is useful in treating chronic lung problems, and is rich in calcium, potassium, sulfur, trace minerals and vitamins C, K and B. One of the most common plants used for coughing, wheezing, irritation. Contains iridoids, acubain, flavonoids, mucilage, tannins. Herb soothes inflamed and sore membranes, making it ideal for coughs and bronchitis.

Celandine Herbs
Alterative, diuretic, purgative. It is used in jaundice, eczema, scrofulous diseases, etc., the infusion of 1 OZ. of the dried herb to a pint of boiling water being taken in wineglassful doses. The infusion is a cordial and greatly promotes perspiration. The addition of a few aniseeds in making a decoction of the herb in wine has been held to increase its efficacy in removing obstructions of the liver and gall.