About My Healthy Herbs

An Ecclectic Emporium

My Healthy Herbs is a locus of thought and substance. This is where my friends and I pull together all good things to invoke good health and well being. I would like My Healthy Herbs to be an open forum where people can communicate, get initial information about herbs and their use, exchange knowledge, and share personal success stories. (See mine below)

First of all I'd like to thank my associates and supporters for making my internet business a success. Without their help I would be like one hand clapping in the wind.

Mira Didinsky has been my mentor and inspirer. With such determination and skill to find a cure for every patient ... how can I express the warmth that I feel when I witness her sincere demeanor toward those around her. While others speculate, she travails to find an answer. Her products do work, by the way, and that's why I offer them to you as her exclusive promoter. I believe in them.

Then there is my good friend, whom I known for many years, Mazen Khatib , the master of Maztec . This fellow is everyone's dream in a technical consultant. If you are in the N.W. Chicagoland area, and you are in a quandary about networking, software, computer equipment and upgrades, Mazen is the ultimate answer to: "Who can I trust?". I know of no finer man of integrity and genius to find affordable solutions, except perhaps ...

... the Windy City Webster . He's the Wizard of Web Pages. Sometimes I look to see if he hides a magic wand in his shirt sleeve. His research is as quick as his wit, which he uses liberally ... to keep me cheerfully aloft; encouraged to make my dream come true. If you need web work, see the Webster.

All that said ...

Hello! I'm Alex. I'm the purveyor of My Favorite Herbs , which is MY favorite shop and MY dream health emporium. I hope to bring you the best of the best in herbs and health products so that together we can make a difference in our over-all well being. That's a reasonable goal, with real objectives. I pursue it with my heart and soul, because this is so important to me.

I was referred to Mira D. by a co-worker who had some liver problems. Western medicine prescribed various strong medicine with no noticeable results. Someone recommended that he consult Mira D. A month later my co-worker felt much better and the treating physician was amazed with the results of the tests.

I went to Mira D. to treat my allergies. The herbs she prescribed initially kept my symptoms under control and eventually brought them to non-existence.

I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of the herbal solutions offered on this web site. My own healing made me a strong believer in potency of herbs and expertise of Mira D.

Now, I welcome you to participate in this forum, and offer your thoughts and opinions, and surely - buy my herbs. They are the best, and I guarantee them for quality and effectiveness.
Please refer people whom you would like to have good health and well-being to this web site.